Are you sick with your old, cluttered designed house? And are you planning to renovate your home? Then this guide might help you. We will tell you how to renovate your home, and also things to care at the time of renovating your home.

Your home is the place where you spend your quality time. When you are tired the only place you seek to go for rest is your home. Most houses are built nowadays in a very less space, if you didn’t plan it perfectly it will ruin your lifestyle. If you are living in such house then renovating it can add a new life in it. Before starting the renovation clearly prepare a list of improvements or changes you want to do.

Increase the Efficiency, do not increase the size

If there are chances that changing the few things positions can save big space then, don’t try to alter the walls. It will save your money and also the clutters. Place the cabinet instead of hogging shelves. Find such things that will save space for you when you replace them.


Try to bring the natural light 

Try to find such spaces that can bring the natural light in the house. But do not consider making big holes in the walls for it. A light bulb may cost you less than adding a big window in the wall. So think about the possibilities.


Don’t try to move toilets or kitchen sinks

Moving the toilets sinks or kitchen sinks can cost you more. It will definitely add the expensive plumbing charges. If you really need to move them consider replacing the pipes at the same time. So later you don’t need to spend extra charges to replacing the pipes when they spoil.


Things to Care

Don’t buy cheap materials

This is your own house, so try to be honest with it as much as possible. Don’t not buy cheap material that doesn’t have good life.


Don’t take inaccurate measurements

Pay special attention while taking measurements. One inaccurate measurement can ruin your whole renovation. If you are not aware of taking the measurements then called someone who can take it better.


Don’t use wrong paints

Don’t choose the paint you see in first place. It is good idea to take the some sample paints and use them on your wall to know which suits more. Wrong selected paints can ruin your house look.